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MOTHER TERESA TRUST, is a society which serve the deprived with basic amenities for their survival specially in the field of education and skill development .We are small hands in the field of serving the underprivileged children and making them skillful enough to survive in this competitive world.

Talent is by birth but it flourish when its polished, so this society is formed to educate those children who are deprived from education due to various reasons like; poverty, caste ,sex, proper infrastructure , awareness, due to these unwanted drawbacks talent lacks behind .


In house education, this programme provides overall development of a child. Children would be kept within organization’s campus . They would be provided with food, shelter, education and skill development.


In The Way Of Achieving Our Dream Our Mission Is To Educate Empower,Spreading Health Awareness, Sports Promotion Eradicating Poorness And Helping The Needy Humans Again & Again.

how Children's Health Fund is making a difference.

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