Free Ambulance Service

An ambulance is a medically equipped vehicle which transports patients to treatment facilities, such as hospitals .Ambulances are used to respond to medical emergencies by emergency medical services. For this purpose, they are generally equipped with flashing warning lights and sirens. They can rapidly transport paramedics and other first responders to the scene, carry equipment for administering emergency care and transport patients to hospital or other definitive care.
   Ambulances equipped with life-support equipment, and are usually crewed by staff with fewer qualifications than the crew of emergency ambulances.
   It is similar to moving hospitals came into existence way back to 1854.
   The primary role of an ambulance service is emergency pre-hospital medical care, although they generally provide both emergency response and patient transfer. Ambulances lie between life-threatening situations and life-saving moments.
Mother Teresa Charitable Trust introduced this ambulance service in the year 2007 at Chennai India. It was donated by Mrs.Dr.SP.Singh ,NRI living in United kingdom in memory of her father, late Dr.Singh.
   The ambulance was fully operational in Chennai city and subsequently after introduction of govt. owned 108 ambulance services it ran at Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu. We extend our hearty thanks to Shri.NR.Panicker, Chairman and Mr.KR.Chandrasekaran CEO, Accel Front Line Ltd for gracefully borne the fuel expenditure and Driver salary for several years.
   Now the ambulance is tied up with Kanyakumari Medical Mission Hospital Neyyoor (under Church of south India Diocese) which provides free ambulance service to the deserving poor of Kanyakumari district Tamil Nadu. It is also being used as MOBILE CANCER RESEARCH UNIT. The ambulance ferry the sick to hospitals free of cost.

News & Events

    • Free Ambulance Service is being used as Mobile Cancer Screening Unit in tie up with CSI Medical Mission Hospital Neyyoor, Kanyakumari District.
    • Free Tailoring Units @ New Delhi, Padalam in Kanchipuram District, Jolarpet in Vellore District, Uthangarai in Krishnagiri District, Madurai, Kollemcode in Kanyakumari District. For admissions Contact: 044 23743883.
    • Free Tuition Centers @ New Delhi, Madurai & Uthangarai in Krishnagiri District. Economically poor school going students can make use of the facility. Contact Head Office @ 044 23743883.
    • If you are a BLOOD DONOR, Join as member in "MTCT Blood Donors Guild". For blood requirements kindly Logon to , For details contact :
      044 23743883.
    • Support our free Ambulance Service, free tailoring centers, free tuition centers and free computer training centers functioning at several places in India, so that the poor will be benefited.
    • Join Mother Teresa Forum (MTF) and form committees in your area, to serve the downtrodden and under privileged in the society.
    • COVID – 19 relief activities are being undertaken by MTCT - kindly support us to rehabilitate the corona crisis victims.

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